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Navigating grief and loss with compassion and empathy

Even in the face of life’s inevitable cycle, the loss of a loved one remains among the most excruciating experiences we encounter. The path to healing and recovery from such a loss varies for each individual and isn’t always linear. Each person requires a unique span of time to navigate through the intricate landscape of emotions, defying a predictable progression of stages.

At Angel’s Touch Hospice, our bereavement counselors help you cope with feelings of grief, loss, and despair. We provide you with mental and emotional support while you are navigating the bereavement process.

Emotions you may experience during this time

The passing of a close friend or family member affects everyone differently, but these are some feelings you might experience

  • Denial

    Although this person has passed away, you still feel as if he or she has never left. In other words, accepting their death is a challenge.

  • Disbelief

    Whether you were present, or you have just received word of your loved one’s passing, processing this event takes time. Thus, you may have a hard time believing the person is no longer physically present, which is normal.

  • Anger

    Grief is often accompanied by anger. Whether dealing with a difficult situation on top of the loss or coping with memories, anger can take us by surprise. Acknowledging and resolving this phase is important to the grieving process.

  • Confusion

    Many people experience confusion at any point in the grieving process. This comes with having difficulty concentrating or sorting out your thoughts.

  • Sadness

    Naturally, you will feel sad at such a profound loss. Sadness, like any other emotion related to grief, can be expressed in numerous ways. Never feel like there is any one correct way, as this affects everyone differently.

  • Shock

    Losing someone, even in the situation of a long illness, can still make you feel like your world has been profoundly shaken. It is not unheard of for a person to experience shock after their loved one’s passing.

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