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An Overview of Our Hospice Care at Home

  • Personalized Plan of Care

    The hospice team, also known as the interdisciplinary group (IDG), collaborates intimately with both the patient and their family to develop a care plan that optimally fulfills the requirements of all parties, encompassing medical support and caregiver training.
  • 24-Hour Nursing Availability

    Angel’s team of licensed professionals remains accessible for continuous care throughout the day and night. Should symptoms become challenging to handle, your family member can receive skilled nursing assistance 24 hours a day.
  • Pain and Symptom Management

    Apart from dispensing prescribed medication, the team is extensively trained to provide a range of therapeutic approaches to manage a patient’s pain and alleviate symptoms effectively.
  • Medication

    Angel’s offers medications specifically relevant to your hospice diagnosis.
  • Provide all Medical Equipment

    Hospice care additionally supplies all essential medical equipment to guarantee the comfort of your family member. This encompasses items such as oxygen, hospital beds, wheelchairs, bandages, adult diapers, latex gloves, and various other necessities.

Do Medicare & Medicaid Cover Hospice Services?

Close to fifty percent of individuals in the United States facing a terminal illness choose hospice care to enhance their last months or years by effectively managing pain. This underscores the importance of comprehending how Medicare and/or Medicaid, as insurance choices, can collaborate in the context of hospice care.
Medicare card

Hospice Services covered under Medicare

With a written certification from a physician, most aspects of hospice care are covered including:
  • Care from the hospice team
  • Therapists
  • Counseling

Medicaid card

Hospice Services covered under Medicaid

Medicaid also covers most of the same services that are covered by Medicare, depending on the state where you live.