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Elevating comfort and well-being

Angel’s Touch Hospice offers palliative care, an extra level of physical, emotional, and spiritual support to improve the quality of life for people with serious illnesses who are not ready for hospice. Our palliative care seeks to uplift and enrich your well-being during challenging times.

Through enhanced holistic care, we provide an integrative approach that nurtures every aspect of your loved one’s well-being. Physical discomfort is met with expert medical attention tailored to alleviate symptoms and promote comfort.

How Our Hospice Care Stands Out from the Rest

  • Holistic Approach

    We don’t just treat an illness. We give our earnest attention to the whole person, addressing emotional and spiritual needs.

  • 24/7 Nursing

    We have registered nurses and licensed home healthcare aides on staff who are trained in pain management and skilled care.

  • Personalized Plan of Care

    Together with the interdisciplinary team, you and your family can carve out your wishes for all aspects of hospice care.

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